Buying a used WR426

You guys seem to be the kiddy's tell me what to watch out for and what a wonderful bike it is......

Any tips, on what I need to look out for, and what I might want to do ref gearing ie: 16-46 for the road and summut else for the dirt track if I ever get on some loose sticky stuff?? :cry:

Bring your compression tester and check the engine compression. Take it for a short ride and make sure the gears all work. Visually inspect the overall condition. :cry:

The 426 is a good bike,pay attention to the kick start mech and the gearbox,the top end can have some troubles with galling of the cam cups,most allways look for chewd up nuts an bolts on a second hand buy,it will tell you most about what you need to know!,new plastic and a rake of chewd up nuts`n`bolts?=walk away! :cry:

I have a very nice WR for sale. Please add your area too your profile.

Check under the ruber chain protector on the top

of the swing arm, for wear and cracks also check

the the underside of the frame for dents and cracks.

As well as the above post's

Good Luck :cry:

Dale I'm in the Uk buddy.....

I want to ride it in Supermoto Spec on the street.

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