Who we got in the UK??

How many of you guys are in England?

Also you got supermotos or keep it as a pure track/dirt bike??

Just curious :-)

Im in england mate, south east in hertfordshire....

But I dont have a yam, honda xr250r lol...!

Well thats a start!!

lol :cry:

might be an idea to post in the general section? see how many there are in total !

Im in the UK From Wigan,WR450F.

Yea mebbe!!

Thats probs a better idea! :cry:

I am in Northants. Got a wr450 04 model. Its sweeet!

Hi, im in warwickshire.

Representing London town. I stared off as a saaf african and grew up in Kalifornija but now im here. WR450 on the street with sportmoto tyres (tires). on the occasional wales dirt adventure mit knobblies.

here i somerset just about to go out and spend a day on exmore and the quantock hills with my beloved wr400

So what did you have to do to make your WR road legal for the streets then?

The one I'm looking at needs a few bits doing.

Ta in advance. :cry:

All you legally need are

1. switches on the brakes for brake light. Look at http://www.h-e-l.co.uk

2. Megahorn from halfords

3. bicycle speedo

I wired up indicators as well. Mirrors are hopeless.

Is the bike more than three years old?

Is it an import?

Bike is UK spec

2001 year, just needs an MOT, its road Reg'd....

What does that mean exactly???

"Road Reg'd" what does it have over a "non road reg'd" WR??

For the MOT the guys is sticking most of those parts you mentioned on there for me.

S :cry:

Road reg`d means it has a log book and therefore a numberplate :cry:

Hi Nottingham/Derby :cry:

If its registed then just take it for MOT, Tax and insure it .


Job done

trotters living in aldershot hampshire wr400/426 top end

not had it long just getting used to it road registerd enduro spec ***king great fun :cry:

Registering bikes can be a real pain. Mine was an import, so i had to get a form from customs and excise and bring it in to the dvla for them to inspect it. The import poeple were being jerks about single vehicle approval despite the exemption for enduro bikes. I had to write a cover letter saying i wouldnt ride it on the road, but then they gave me a plate and V5. Needless to say, i ride it on the road. I know refer to speed bumps as 'whoops'.

to get a daylight mot all you need is a bike all up together

no lights fitted at all inc brake light a horn a steet legal tyres

Can you just enlarge on that for me......

You dont need a brake light?

Hello from Oxford..!

US import '04 WR450FS, road reg'd, will cross the MoT bridge when I get to it..!

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