Who we got in the UK??

Can you just enlarge on that for me......

You dont need a brake light?

This is my second WR and both only have a rear operated brake light and are MOT legal.

Interesting......wondering how thats possible though!

Daytime MOT is for daylight hours only.

Well that sounds like fun, [@#$%&*!] the bed I cant wait till thursday! :cry:

I'm not sure why, but something gives me the idea that if you have a rear light, it needs to be a brake light as well. Its an easy bit of wiring though.

Oh, and you definitely need a speedo. It should be illuminated, but you might get by without illumination.

I'll strap a caving torch on my chin then. :cry:

Warrington, cheshire riding WR400 '98' only just got the bike still getting used to it, purely offroad for me :cry:

Hi all,

I'm in southern Hertfordshire, riding a supermoto XR400 on the road. Any one know of any supermoto clubs/meeting points/ride outs in Hertfordshire? Ace Cafe in Stonebridge Park London is a good meeting point. Anyone go there?

A question from an ignorant american:

What, if any, are differences between the United Kingdom, England, and Great Britain? :)

U.K = England, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland, AKA Great Britain

England = England

You mean northern Ireland, the republic of ireland is part of europe

Where's Europe?

Great question Sputter!

I read a report from an american colleague last week that referred to a company being based in "Bradford and Bolton, near London, England!"

Well I suppose compared to Moscow, they are close to London!

So back to topic, whos gunna orgainise a thumpertalk UK green lane trail riding day??

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