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Anyone got a carb like this? (xr250)

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Sorry about the bad pics, was a little to close. And looking at those I just realised my idle adjuster has parted company with the bracket. Anyway, Was just wondering what the deal is with this carb, as I know all your american models have a bolt on the bottom of the float bowl for changing jets - I have to take my float bowl off which in itself is a case of hinging(sp) the subframe out of the way on its two lower mounts, removing the headers and disconecting throttle cables and clutch cable so I can twist it round to get at the underside.

This brings me to my next question - how the fook do you get the carb out?! Without removing the manifold that is, coz I've rounded the soft as [@#$%&*!] bolts, and they dont wanna come out with any kind of persuasion lol. And the thing doesnt seem to want to come out in any other direction.

Last point, do your american models have a throttle position sensor? Mine has (you can see it first pic) which I thought was a tad odd for a small single...

PS - it also came with a 138 main as standard, plug is a light brown colour, I upped it to 142.5 with a view to removing the snorkel but with the snorkel removed it ran a little lean...

Anyway cheers, happin thumpin!

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