WR 426 Oil Filter

I just got my WR 426. I got it used with no manual. I'm changing the oil from the instructions on the 250 Thumperfaq. Is the oil filter supposed to have a rubber gasket on both ends like the 250? I removed the filter and it only has a gasket on the outside, but nothing on the inner side. (I need to get a manual) :cry:

it may be stuck inside,i use 02 426 filters in my 450 and i'm pretty sure they have rubber on both ends. i just went and checked an old filter and yes they do have rubber on both sides! look inside the cover or motor (whichever side is missing) they occasionally stick and peel off the filter,just like a car. :cry:

Thanks. I see what the deal was. There was no gasket on the inside of the filter so I went to the dealership to get another one. The deal is that the filter that was in there must be a stainless one ( Scott or something) and it doesn't use the inside gasket. I just put in the OEM one and will put the other one back in later.

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