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Bad voltage regulator/rectifier watch out

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I have a 2003 klx400sr with around 5500 miles on it .This baby has never let me down until last saturday The lights started flickering and were very dim finaly the bike started to die. I nursed it back home only to find that the voltage regulator was bad .I called the dealer and they said it would cost $118.00 for a new one 😢

I then looked on this forum to find others have had this problem .So I went to Baltimore cycle salvage and got a reg/rec "$63.00" off of a 1990 suzuki gs 500e it is realy beefy I also added a heavy 12gauge ground wire from the reg/rec strait to the battery now we are back on the road again 😢

are there any other things to watch out for?

I have owned alot of bikes in my time but this bike is my favorite hands down !!!!!!!!!

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