Back ache

Over the last few months, every time I ride MX, I'm having trouble with my lower back during the few days after my ride.

It gets very stiff and painful, especially after I wake up in the mornings.

I wear a body belt (Fox) so is there anything else I can do to prevent it?

When your back hurts, does it include leg or foot pain?

If so, rest for a few weeks. If it doesn't go away, I'd see and orthopaedic doctor. I know, I had a bad disc in my lower back that kicked the crap out of me and I ended up having surgery. Sometimes they go away on your own. Especially if your young.

If you can find a GOOD Chiropractor, he/she may help you out. There is one in Harrisburg, PA that is phenominal.

It is typical to hear that strong abs will support a back. This is true. A swayback condition will cause premature disk wear in the spine. You don't want to go there. You do want to do spine exercises as well. A roman chair for reverse situps BUT you MUST also work on the abs to BALANCE out your spine.

I too have a herniated disk in my lower spine, although no surgery is needed yet, Thank God!

I've suffered from recurring back problems stemming from a short leg (don't make fun). I'd echo the above statements. Pay the $$ to see a good orthopedist. See a chiropractor if you think its worth it (I don't). Learn what you need to do to maintain a healthy back and do it religiously. I hang like a bat for 15 min. daily on an inversion table and stretch and do ab strengthening exercises another 20 min. in addition to 1 hr. of cardio per day. Just need to start lifting weights! Good luck. Nothing worse than a bad back.

I can say that my microlaser discectomy surgery to fix my herniated disc was a complete success and I'm back to riding at 100%. My doctor was world class. If you need disc surgery go to Dr. Burres is the absolute best. I tried physical therepy and just about every conservative treatment. Unfortunately in my case, surgery was the answer.

Buy a pair of Fox Comp Shorts, and use the tailbone pad that comes with them....(My Buddy uses a "Heavy Day Kotex") :D don't ask....

The comp shorts act to keep the butt muscle properly positioned and the tailbone pad works wonders to reduce the spine jarring that causes lower back pain. :)

I laughed like hell when I was first told about the comps....But damn it they don't work..


Originally posted by Boschk:

When your back hurts, does it include leg or foot pain?

Oh boy... Can you describe this foot pain? I have been getting a stinging just below my ankle on the inside of my left foot. I have a history of a bad back and have had back/leg pain ...and this new foot pain for the last couple of months.

- Sean

I get lower back pain from various activities if I don't keep my back and hamstrings stretched out. It's amazing what a difference it makes and its cheap and easy. It only takes a few minutes a day to do so. You can find some good books on stretching at most book stores.


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The pain down the back of your leg may very likely be sciatica. If you have disk problems or even a kink in your back, the sciatic nerve can be pinched. It can feel like anything from a burning down your leg (my heel was burning a few days ago) to a pulled hamstring or very tight hamstring.

I hosed my back from water skiing one day in 1989 (trying to get up on one ski) and then hitting whoops the next day. With the weakened back muscles, my spine was not supported while hammering the whoops. My spine became mis-aligned. My Doc' (in the navy) just had me take Motrin for two weeks. The pain wouldn't go away. The navy x-rayed my back and found nothing. I brought the x-rays to a Chiropractor and he IMMEDIATELY saw the problem and showed me the crooked vertabrae. After 3 weeks of adjustments every 3 days, I was fine. I continued to go once per month for an "adjustment".

I have been to quack Chiro's and have had two very good chiro's, one being phenominal. I do recognize chiro's to be extremely valuable, and finally the medical industry has accepted them as being genuine. If you are in doubt, check out an osteopath. They are essentially a chiropractor with some first aid experience.

I had the exact same problem. I hunch over too much or something. The pain was in my low back and lasted for a couple days after each ride. It really sucked. My solution was not NEARLY as expensive or thorough as the rest. I simply bought bought a nice wide Fox Kidney belt. I'll be dammed if I can ride three days straight now with no pain. I'm serious, if you don't normally wear one, buy one. I even wear mine now when I load the bikes into my van.

Roostn in Denver

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