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Preserve our sport. Desert update.

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The desert riding season is upon us, I wanted to share some thoughts with all of my fellow off-roader’s. First let me say this, I am not an activist or environmentalist, I am an avid off-roader that is committed to passing on the outdoor recreational liberties I enjoy today, to future off-roaders. Nationwide, our OHV public use lands are declining rapidly, and fees and equipment restrictions are increasing as well. There are several things we can do that does not require a membership, meetings, letters or money to improve our current situation and preserve the right to enjoy off-roading for future generations.

Citizenship - Respect for people, property and the right of others to co-exist with our sport. Be an ambassador of the sport, have consideration while transiting through populated areas. The general public frowns upon the noise and dust from motorcycles. Convince them to be your friend, these people can lobby against us, be nice to them!

Laws/Regulations - Stay informed of the laws, visit the BLM website and stay legal. Befriend you BLM employees and Rangers, they are our friends.

Housekeeping - Clean up after yourself, leave no trace.

In closing, I want to share these last points specific to my backyard (Spangler Hills, Rademacher, Wagon Wheel, El Paso’s, Randsburg), for this desert season.

Be safe, don’t ride over your head. We have had a lot of rain in the month of Oct/Nov, many trails are washed out and the wash outs are deep in many places, they will swallow up a front tire in a heartbeat.

Slow down at the crests of hills and stay to the right as much as possible, avoid a head on.

Many people are out walking, hiking, horseback riding and jeeping. I came over a crest and on the other side was a couple pushing a baby in a stroller up the other side!

I could add much more but I think you all understand the points I am trying to make. I hope to see you on the trail and if anyone is in need of assistance while they are in my area, don’t hesitate to call.

Chris Broome

Ridgecrest, CA


KTM Talk member: Sneaka

Thumper Talk member: Desertcrf

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