Anyone done the 450 tank/seat/etc to a 426 with WR/ims/clarke tank?

Has anyone done the 450 tank/seat/airbox/subframe/r.fender upgrade to a 426 with a WR, ims/zipty, or clarke oversized tank? I'm wondering if these tanks will clear the oil fill on the 426. :cry:

A YZF size tank is useless to me since my bike is set-up DualSport.

That is an interesting question... The zipTy tank has much better ergos for 450fs when compared to 426fs. I'd like to have the 450f set up but don't know if it is possible to do it.

I have the IMS YZ426 tank on my WR 426, along with an SDG (labeled MOOSE???) YZ tall/soft seat. The ergo's are almost identical to my buddies 450, but I carry like 3.2 gal of fuel. I have never even hit reserve with this tank on a trail ride. In fact, other guys have run out, and I have given away fuel during the ride, and still not hit reserve by the time we were back at the truck.

It also holds the fuel lower, so the bike really does feel lighter.

I would recommend the IMS YZ tank with NO reservations.

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