Need advice, just put the JD Kit and pipe on

Just installed the Kit, Blue needle 3rd position down from the top, 170 Main, fuel screw 1 1/4 turn, along with a power core 4 and I opened up the right side cutouts on the Air box. Starts no problem, idles no problem, It seems to stumble a little at about 1/3 throttle, after that...... Tons of midrange power!!!!! I came back in with a huge smile on my face, I can tell it's gonna be awesome when I get it right.

BTW I tried the clip 5 posistion down from the top and it seemed to stumble even more.

Current temp is 67 and altitude is 161. Will normally ride below 4000ft.


you dont say what your current pilot jet is? see my signiture line, our setups are similar. your pilot should be around a 48.

Try the red needle in clip #5 from the top. 48 pilot

I like the blue needle below 70 degrees. The red needle is good for 70 degrees and up. In your case you may want to try the red needle in a rich position. :cry:

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