Im a traitor, cough 05 YZ 250 cough.

Well, I know I said I wanted a YZ 450, but could not resist the aluminum frame, and the fun factor of a 2 stroke. I know im gonna get bashed for this, but hey at least I ride a dirtbike now, before I was on a Raptor.

Here it is:


O yea, my brother got one too, 04 YZ 125.


:cry:, I can not wait till tomorow to ride. I have not even kicked it over yet. Ride report tomorow...

the 05 is definetly an awesome bike! Congratulations!

I have given similar thoughts to purchasing the YZ 250 this year. Congrats on an awesome bike!!!

It is some major fun to ride .... coming from the 03 450, the 250 is like riding a mini-bike. I do miss the tractor-like torque, but I'm learning to adapt.

Dont feel bad. I am a traitor too!!!


I'm interested in a YZ250. What do you think compared to the 4 Strokes? Did you notice a big power difference besides the torque? What did you pay?

I passed three new YZ250's yesterday at the local track. :cry: I also passed lots of 450 of both persuasions. Oh, Did I mention I was riding my new YZ125? :cry:

My 5th and 6th motos were on my 450. I was more than ready to ride the thunder after wearing myself out on the tiddler. That 450 was a blast of fresh air with power to spare. The two stroke is a lot of fun but I can't image completely giving up on the POWER! :cry:


It is deffantly a great bike, bieng my first motocross bike. Compared to my brothers 04 125 and my friend's dad's YZ 250F it is so much more fun to ride and the power is there, it just doesn't roll on from the very bottom like a 4 stroke. I dunno its hard to explain, and I don't know if its supposed to be this way, but once you hit the powerband then shift and then you stay in it still if you get back on the gas. Its so sweet. I dunno yall' prolly think Im stupid, but im coming from an old RT 180 as far as compairing goes.

Hope this makes sense, I paid a little over 6,500. It was listed as 6,199, then after fees and all it was round 6,500.

Dangit, wish it wasn't so cold out, I want to ride more. I need some better gloves.

Comparing a 2 stroke 125 to a 450 is a lil unfair! Of course its gonna have more power. And who ya passed at a track doesn't mean much about any bike!

Cool bikes! So does the 125 come with steel bars instead of the nice renthals like the 250?

Take a closer look at that 125....looks to be an 04 at the latest. No aluminum frame, so it's not an 05.

I dont really notice a power difference at all. I do notice the cams not being there and how different the bike feels without them. The front end is really light. The bike completely rips it handles better than any 4-stroke (including the 05 CRF) that I have ever ridden. Another thing about this bike is I never feel tired after riding it. On my 4-strokes I was always beat after every moto. On this bike I can run 100% and not stop. I paid 5500 for mine.

Oh and Kyle stay out of the beginner class and maybe you won't be passing 450's on your 125.

The 125 has the same bars. Yamaha doesnt put different components on all their bikes like Honda does.

Take a closer look at that 125....looks to be an 04 at the latest. No aluminum frame, so it's not an 05.

ahhh,take another look he states its an 04...

Duh! So much for my observant eye... :cry:

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