2001 650r Forks

:usa:Any thoughts on "Progressive" brand fork springs Good :cry: bad :cry: compared to Race tech or Lindemann. I am 225 and ride open dez full throttle.thanks. :cry:

dont know if this is worth anything to you, but I've been VERY impressed with Progressive Suspension fork springs on my street bikes ... the only feedback I've heard about the dirt bike springs has also been very favorable ... Ive never heard a single bad word about them ...

I would be concerned about the forks diving thru the first half of travel too quickly.


I was considering these as well and wanted a bit more input...thanks!

I've run progressive springs on my older XR's, but not on my 650. They have worked real well in the past, and have been impressed by their handling. I've only used them on 200's and 250's, but they have worked well before.

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