Pro Taper vs. Renthal

Howdy - I am looking for new bars for my 03' YZ450. I am 6' 2" and always getting worked with the stock bars in the woops.

Looking at the Jimmy Button bend from Renthal or the Pro Taper SE KX high bend, or... is there a big benfit to going with an oversize bar and changing the triple clamp?

Muchas Gracias

The Doug Henry bend pro taper is hard to beat on the YZ's.

I have found the pullback measurement to add more in comfort than the actual ride of the bar. I much prefer the more straight bars.

The benefit of oversize bars is the fact they are so strong. Baring some unforseen horrible crash it will probably be the last set of bars you ever need.

The triple clamp is a necessary evil. The stock clamp will work if you use goofy adaptors that make the bar really high. Most folks just buy a new upper clamp.

HEy! Watch who you are calling goofy :cry:. LOL I have those bar mounts. Na just joking. I am trying to decide whether to get the mounts or a expensive triple clamp.

Ive been through 3 sets of renthals(1 had a catastophic failure and litteraly snapped in half, and 2 others bent), but have neve bent any pro-tapers...ever!

If you want to spend your money well. Then buy the protaper adjustable top triple clamp and doug henry bars (now I think there called chad reed bars) Im 6' 3" I have the protaper bars with the tallest bar risers in the most forward position. Makes moving around on the bike and standing much better. Hope this helps.

I am 6'1" and use the ProTaper "Windham" bend....they are perfect for me.


Great - thanks for the input

I'm 6'3" and I second the Windham bend...same straight dimensions as the Henry/Reed bend but taller. I also have clamps that push the bars farther out.

The KX high is a bit straighter and slightly taller than the Windhams. I was gonna try those but didn't wanna get too high. Probably would have been ok.

Check the TAG Metals bars as well. They have a double YZ bend that is taller than just about anything. They work great for me. I'm 6'2", my back would be beat from leaning over with the stock bars.

I am 6'1" and use the ProTaper "Windham" bend....they are perfect for me.


Really? I am the same height and I was thinking of getting a set

I have the Pro Taper KX High bend bars on mine. Went with the KX highs cause the foward/taller RG3's were on back order at the time. Nornally I run Tag CR 2X hi's on my bikes. Pro Taper used to make the double hi CR bend bar, but not any more. :cry:


I have the Pro Taper henry/reed bend and top acerbis triple clamp and i love them. I paid like $180 for them through motosports outlet. Im not that tall so i dont know what bars are good for the tall rider. Im almost 6 foot and i love those bars.

I ordered Tag Metzger signatures off TT, but they dont do them anymore! They do the same bend in a t2 sx bar I understand, so these are on their way to me now. I will run these with an rg3 on my 04 wr. :cry:

Hope they are good, I am hoping for nearly an inch higher than stock.

My '03 had pro tapers and I thought they were fine. I just bought an '05 and it has Renthal's so far they seem ok. One thing I don't like about the Renthals is that I have seen a couple guys mess themselves up on the crossbar on top. But other than that I like both of them. :cry:

You could always get the Pro Taper risers and attatch them to your stock t-clamps, that gives you a little more height as well.

I have the Renthal FatBar RC bend on mine, very close to the Windham bend.


I have the Renthal FatBar RC bend on mine, very close to the Windham bend.


Ditto. I have the same thing on my 04' WR450 and I'm only 6'1" I couldn't believe what a diffrence can make with bars! :cry:

I found that having the risers made the most difference. The ProTaper CR High-bends are great but things got even better when I added one inch risers and moved the clamps forward. Getting some sort of adjustable tripple clamp gives you many more options.

im 6,2 and run cr double hi tags with lowered foot pegs. in the open dezert its perfect.

Two things I have "heard" but can not confirm about the ProTapers...

1. The design of the ProTapers lessen transmitted vibration and there for lessen fatique and arm pump.

2. If you ever bend one they will replace it for free.

Also, since you have to replace the clamp anyway, you can get one that is soft mounted which would be nice.

Several of my buddies run the ProTapers and swear by them.

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