JD jet kit()426f().

Should I get a JD jet kit for my 426? Does it wake the beast up more? Tell me the difference.

I personally think they are a waste of money if you know anything about jetting a carb...60 bucks will buy a TON of jets when you probably really only a couple bucks worth once you get it dialed in. IF you have a lack of patients, or just dont want to bother with experimenting, then go that route. I dont think they offer any real advantages over a properly tuned/jetted bike.

707, quit thinking about it just buy it.

Don't they come with a adjustable jet? Mine has a jet with a circlip around it for tuning. What would you need a kit for?

Yes you can adjust it by trial and error if you are experienced or patient. You still wont get the custom needles that JD makes. from everything I have read about them (JD kits) Everyone has loved the results.

Ditto, buy it

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