What gearing do you suggest for:

1. The street where top speed is more vital (100mph)

2. Dirt where spinning up and larking about is more fun (say top speed of maybe 70-80mph)

3. Supermoto racing on Tarmac/loose dirt (guess this would be similar to the street gearing eh!??)

Hi Steve.

At 100 mph the front wheel do's not make contact with the road the wind buffets the bars like mad, and unless you are perverse you will not do it more than once.

If you can ride at 70 mph off road in the UK you will be either raceing or in portsmouth general.

Stock gearing of 14/50 [above 100mph]is all you should need but if you want big wheelies 13/50 [85 mph max]



I run 16-44 for the street to have a smooth rev at 70-80 MPH.

I guess the best gearing for dirt depends on who you ride with. My partner runs a XR650R and I need a little bit more top speed than stock if I want to keep up with him when the trail opens... If I have to pick up, I'd say the best off road gearing is 15-50 for all around. The stock is just too low for me here on most trails.


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