04 Wr450f Won't Start

So, I think I did something pretty stupid. I had recently cleaned my bike. I always cover up the air intake port with a piece of duct tape during cleaning. So, yesterday I was going to change my oil so I can ride today and started the bike, rode it about half a block when it died. I couldn't get it started back up, even trying to compression start it. Once back in the garage I realized I still had duct tape over the air intake. Now she won't start at all. I tried letting it sit for 24hrs in hope it was maybe flooded, tipped it on the side to drain fuel, and put a brand new spark plug in. She still won't fire, even on compression start. Anyone have any idea what I might of did?

You flooded it....pull the new plug and throw it away, put a fresh plug in the cap and ground it, then crank the engine to blow out the raw fuel still in the cylinder. Install fresh plug and start..... :cry:

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