Red Hot Header

Hey all,

I've found that I can see my header glowing red-hot while riding at night. I have an '01-WR that is all stock except the airbox lid, throttle-stop and grey wire.

Does anyone know if this is normal? I assume that it is since my machine is running flawlessly.

Yes,it will. Usually this happens with mine when I sit still for a while. No real big deal but, when mine starts to do this I usually shut it off or ride faster :)



2001 YR 426, YZ# Plate, YZ Fender, YZ pipe, YZ Tank, SDG YZ Seat, 13/50 Gearing, Pro-Taper Bars, TAG Triple Clamp, Moose Handguards, Maier Frameguards, Throttle Stop Trimmed, Air Box Lid Removed, Gray Wire Mod.

Matt- This is normal. Don't worry about it.

However the stock jetting with airbox restrictor removed may be a little lean if you're in lower elevations. Does the pipe pop or backfire much?

Thanks for the response MCarp. I'm at pretty low elevations, but it only pops when I have the silencer out and it's just warming up. Otherwise, it's great.

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