Trail out the 426 or go to a 450x

I've got an 02 426 and ride mostly fast trails, with occasional forrays into tight stuff. I've got a 12 oz. flywheel weight and have gone up two teeth in the rear, but this bike is still not ideal for the riding I do--I tend to get stuck on knarly uphills and then use a lot of bad language when as I wrestle the beast around and try to re-start it. I absolutely love my bike's awsome power and handling for fast trail stuff and hillclimbs, but the gearing and starting make keeping up with my brother on his DRZ-400 in the tight stuff a bit of a drag. In addition, my brother's DRZ has softer suspension that makes choppy stuff easier to deal with and is less tiring to ride over all--I do not think I could be happy with the DRZ's lack of power compared to my 426 however.

So here's my quandry; do I put another $1,000 to $1,500 into my 426 to make it more trail-worthy, or do I sell it and buy a 450x when they come out to get e-start lower gearing and softer suspension.

The shopping list for the 426 would be to lower the gearing even further (1 tooth less on the countershaft sproket, for example) I won't miss the top speed much, a Rekluse clutch, which should help stalling in the tight stuff, either a 450 or hot cam exhaust cam to help with the starting and a kickstand, which will be most helpful when my son starts riding next June.

I'm probaly looking at a minimum $3,000 difference between what I can sell my 426 for and what a 450x will cost me OTD, but I would be getting a new bike, which is fun. I also had the forthought to buy all gray riding gear so if I switched brands, I wouldn't have to run out a buy a new wardrobe.

I can afford to go the new bike route, but I certainly would not say that cost is no object--my wife made me write this part...

Honestly, the YZ426f would give out more power than an 450X(which is like a WR450f). I would stay with the 426 and dial in everything. Something to think about.

If you can afford it, get the new bike and enjoy life. :cry:

i would personally trail out the 426, ive always thought its more fun to buy tons of aftermarket parts for a cheaper bike, than to blow your wad on a new bike, only to barely have enough money to swap the chain out.

i really think your bike is crying out for an auto clutch. its the band-aid fix to trail out an MX bike. when your bike doesnt stall you dont have to restart it. :cry:

i would auto clutch and auto-decompress the 426. unless your after the e-start and soft suspension. :cry:

Have you considered the WR450? I had the chance to ride one once and came away with a positive impression, it's got the happy button too.

Go with the 426 and the z-start. I have a 01 with the z-start and now have no problems in the tight sigle tracks.

Echo what Dan said

the rekluse clutch is the perfect setup. I Raised the rear to a 50 tooth as well. The bike has never stalled is a perfect woods bike now.

Go for the 450X ...or the Wr450.

I keep my bikes for 2 years. If you sell them you seem to get good money for them.

Getting a new bike is always a nice thing.

I get nervous about a first year bike. I took a long walk home with my 03 WR450.

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