Chain Guides - Aluminum or Plastic?

I went riding yesterday in the desert and the rocks chewed up my stock chain guide/guard. I want to replace it and can't decide between aluminum or plastic. Fredette Racing and Scotts Performance make some nice aluminum ones, BRP makes a sweet looking billet aluminum one, I've also checked out T.M. Designworks plastic guides, which are supposed to be pretty durable.

So what do you think, aluminum or plastic?



I was a little worried about using a plastic chain guide but my T.M. Designworks guide has been going strong for about a year now and I ride some rocky stuff. It's a bit gouged up on the front but it's been remarkably durable. :cry:

TM Designs Plastic. :cry:

I think I'll go with the T.M. Designs chain guide. I'm also going to install one of their chain slides as well.

Where are you getting them from and who as the best price?

i got a tm chain guide&tm slider plate.both are holding up very them from rocky mountain's catalog .they are a bit noisier than stock but well worth it.

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