05 YZ450 Ride Report (From two weeks ago)(Revised)

Well, I took 3 days out of my time to ride as much as possible to see what this bike could do. First day I couldnt do much because I was breaking it in and the suspension was horrible due to the fact that it wasnt broken in either. Now for the second day, I really opened it up and I just couldnt keep the front end from coming off the ground even in 4th. The area is a mix of a private MX track and alot of high speed and slow+technical trails but not too much of an elevation change.

The condition was anywhere from somewhat dusty on the first day then transitioning into a very very wet, almost like mini-lakes, then after that it started to be pretty good with very good tacky traction. The Overall feel was very responsive and where ever you pointed, it shot and did it quikly too. Now remember, the suspension was still breaking in on the second day so the forks were still pretty stiff. Cant say that about the rear shock though, that shock feels wonderful compared to my other bike and an 04 YZ450 that I got a chance to run a few laps on. Now the bike does feel a bit more tippy then my 250 because well it has a DOHC and 5 valves lol, plus the pipe adds a higher center of gravity too although if you keep on the gas in a berms, you could easily keep that from happening and still come out alot faster then the guys squaring the berm on the inside line.

Now about the 3rd day. You wouldnt believe how much I loved the bike by the 3rd day, The forks felt wonderful, the shock did too without any clicker settings for my riding style. It didn't bottom a single time even after overshooting a 65 foot double by 20 feet. In the berms it definatly pushed at first into the berms after straits, but then a friend who rides pro taught me a technique that solved the problem(more feathering of the clutch when first entering). Speaking of stopping, the breaks are great now that they are somewhat broken-in too and they will lock up easily, although I would need to adjust the rear break pedal because the stock setup is too high. Now for the downsides. Well there werent too many, but I would do a few things to improve it like for 1.

New top-clamp or even a triple tree, the stock one doesnt have rubber bar mounts so you feel alot of what you run over. Also the stock renthal aluminum bars are good but I found them to be somewhat short for me and didn't give enough leverage to turn in mid-speed straits. Also, the bike feels somewhat like your sitting futher back on the bike then you actually are, and that leads me to believe that either the rear spring is too soft. Now even though the forks are somewhat broken in, they still seem too stiff for my liking. Now for the power department.

Its absolutly great, but I like alittle more bottom that pulls hard to mid and screams on top(if thats possible). Sure it sure as hell screams now, but I feel it lacks right off idle to 1/10 throttle. Also, Im still not used to the engine breaking, but Im learning to feather the clutch more when in decel. Thats about it, and feel free to ask any questions if you like. Oh and sorry about the long post, just felt like getting it all at once.


Ok, now I know most of whoever saw the topic that was posted awhile back probably said "the hell with this, its too much to read." Well, Its time I added to it lol. Ok well, I finally got a chance to run the bike at a real sanctioned Track called Seminole Tribe Motocross Track and it had actually and very surprisingly a much better feel then my RM250. Now to explain:

1. I finally had the bike dialed in for my weight, size, and riding style. 2. I got some tips from a few friends who ride 450s and are pros(yes Im not kidding). From those 2, I was able to set-up my bike to the track and it sure did feel great. The suspension like I said before soaks up all the speed bumps, and only bottomed out twice for the duration of the entire day. The handling on slow sections is still somewhat tippy and unpredictable(if thats a word), but I was able to counter it with, lol, more speed. The only complants I have is major armpump and a hard monkey butt creating after 2 hours of riding, seat. Also, I could still use some more bottom end as well.

What about stalling and Hot staarting?

What about stalling and Hot staarting?

Didn't stall one time, although it took some clutch work to keep it from stalling and as for hot starting, pull hotstart and find TDC and one thorough kick gets it started everytime even after it stops from being laid down.

Ty Davis, (my neighbor) told me they thought they had a fixed for o5. Any idea what is dfferent?

Ty Davis, (my neighbor) told me they thought they had a fixed for o5. Any idea what is dfferent?

Actually I dont, this is the first Yamaha I ever owned and I dont really know too much about the 98-04 YZ models except for the usual things. Although one thing that I noticed is its jetted extremly lean (white plugs) from factory. So you will have to rejet and I recommend doing it right when you get the bike or as soon as possible. I had a 165 main, switched to a 170 and moved the clip down 1 which I think richens it. and I'll play with the fuel screw some more.

The 04 cdi will give you more bottom end. As will a 13T front sprocket. The sprockets cheap so try it first and see how you like it.

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