xr650r maintenance?

I am tearing down my xr650r. And would like to know what kind of stuff should I do to it. I just removed all the coolant, and im going to put in some new one.

Should I change the fork oil? I have done this before, as it was recommended.

For some reason, I think my bike appears to be leaking oil, from the top of the motor. I cannot figure out why. All the wires are oily. And the front top left part is covered in oil. I noticed that my left header was loose, so I tightened it. Does this cause the bike to leak oil?

Changing the sparkplug.

Would ike to do a valve adjustment, does anyone have a website for how to do it to the xr650r. Im not sure I have the right tools, I have a feeler gauge, but what else do I need?

What other stuff do you guys do?

Check out this site: pig pen

When you change coolant...make sure you use Silica-free coolant b/c its an aluminum block! (usually orange in aftermarket coolant) , It has green coolant stock but it is Honda's green Silica free coolant. don't use automotive green coolant, make sure it says silica free.

{I think it's b/c it would precipitate deposits that could eventually clog small ports and decrease cooling ability of the radiators?} But for what ever reason...Make sure it IS "Silica Free"

I'm sure there is more...I'll keep thinking about other maintaince.

I found that after a few seasons I took the fuel selector out of the bottom of the tank and found that the screen inside needed cleaning. Didn't find anything anywhere else in they lines or system so I guess it caught it all!

The fuel selector? There is a screen there? You mean the fuel reserve thing?

Anyone have tips on doing a valve adjustment. The shops here charge way too much, so I want to learn how to do it myself.

Yea. when the take is empty. you can take out the bottom 2 bolts and the reserve/selector is screened. I guess it just depends on where you get your fuel where you store it. Mine comes from a hick-town corner station that I'm sure has old tanks.

As far as Valve adjustments. Do you have the Service Manual? If not I'd download one from the site mentioned above "Pig Pen". as well there are a couple of sites that give detail. I'll see if I can remember were I saw them.


Yup, it wouldn't hurt to take the "petcock" (whattaname!) out of the tank and clean it. Be careful, those screens on the percock tube are DELICATE. Look in the corner of the tank for some dirt or sand, it'll be there. I'd also clean the carb, take the bowl off, make sure there is no debris in there and send a couple guitar straings down the jets. I would change the fork oil, it should be done every year. Check the valves for sure! You'll need a feeler gauge, a small flat-head and an 8mm wrench. Make sure that your plug is tight, that could cause oil to come out. Otherwise after you clean her up and take the tank off, you should be able to find the leak pretty easily. Then just do all the other nutting and bolting. Check the pegs, check the kick starter, triple clamp, spokes, etc. Depending on what pipe you run, it might be time to replace the packing too. Thats about all I can think of. G'luck!

Geoff :cry:

Oh yah, do yourself a a favor and goto your honda shop and get the single, small angled feelers, they are a ton easier to work with. You'll also want to check the brake pads and maybe even flush the brake fluid and bleed the systems if it has been a while. While your at it do an inspection on your wheel bearings. Lol, hope this isn't too much, just trying to think of the things that I watch on my bike.

You're not forgetting the obvious two are you? Oil and air filter. By the way, what's the interval between changing the oil on the '02 xr650r. I have a YZ426;change it every three rides. I am contempating a Honda, but the crf450 is like every ride. The big red pig doesn't turn as many RPM's so I could be a little lax on it, eh? Most air-cooled Hondas I owned as a kid ran forever if oil was just touching the stick. Maturity tells me to change the oil and filter near textbook specs if I want optimun reliability!!

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