Motor locked up

So i guess the best place for the motor to lock up was in the air. I ended up go over the bars and at the hospital. But more importantly, my 01' YZ426 wont kick over. The kick starter is stuck about half way down. I haven't tried any troubleshooting yet. Just wanted to see if anyone else out there had this problem.

Without more information... determine if it's locked in the tranny or in the motor. If you put it in neutral or pull the clutch will the rear wheel spin? If not then it's likely in the tranny, starting disassembling. If so, then it's likely in the motor. First check the valve timing, and look closely at the cams not just the timing marks. You're looking to see if either the timing chain slipped or a cam sprocket spun on the cam. If the timing is out then most likely the piston hit a valve (or two or three) so save your allowance and start taking it apart. If the timing is OK then take the right side cover off and see if anything got jammed in between the clutch gear and the main gear on the crank shaft. If nothing is there then I would say start disassembling the top end and see what you can find. Maybe someone else has better advice but I hope this helps, let us know what you find!

Were you doing any acrobatic tricks when this happened?? Might be the hen-way. :cry:

My friend had the same problem. He lost 3 valves and they f***ed everything up in the top.. Cylinder, valves and seat, lots of holes in the piston, nothing there to save.. I bought it from him to have some parts for my own..

But as said, take it step by step and find the problem.

I hope it´s not so bad with yours. Good luck my friend. :cry:

Hey Fyrnsmk, what's the chances of us getting a peek of your full-sized avatar? :cry:

I wanna see too :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Oh my god! I have never SO wanted to be a motocross seat in my life. . . :cry:

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Yes it is a rough life i live! ha ha :cry: more importantly, mx have you tried tearing into the motor yet?

Yes it is a rough life i live! ha ha

Don't even tell me that's your girlfriend. . . :cry:

Actually it's his little sister. :cry:

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