No Spark on the 650r

:excuseme:Lost my spark after a 15 minute ride today. Is it common for the coil to go?It's a 2001. Real frustrated, tried everything.Any Suggestions would be helpful. It is getting power from the stator through a volt meter test. :cry:

I haven't heard of coil problems posting here!

I had a problem with my coil (Actually it was just the connection) ...and it turned out to be the ground wire, it cracked I'm not sure but I "think" it got pinched or kinked when putting my gas tank on or off. Stripped it and new connector and worked.

How much are new coils? If they are pricy I'd get a buddy that has a 650R and try to trade electrical parts to find them out...Dealers won't take back a electrical part if you find it isn't it!

Let us know how it goes.


Two of us have had problems with the kill switch and more have had to disconect the kill switch in there BajaDesigns setup. If you cut or pinch the black wire with the white stripe and it goes to ground you will have no spark. You can find this wire behind the head light. Unplug is and see if you have spark again. If so your kill button is stuck or bad.

I tried that,I was having some problems with the switch not working when pressed, so I unplugged the wire for the stop switch for a bit while my million c-power lite was off, the switch was not working with it plugged in and i shook it around a bit, the bike shut off and then went to start again and no go.You got me, coil :cry:

Try uplugging both wires going to the kill switch. A couple of weeks ago a CR in our group died. I unplugged one side of the kill switch thinking that this would open up the ckt. The bike still didn't start. Towed it back to the trailer. A couple of days later we were working on it, unplugged both kill switch leads and we got spark. I didn't open up the book, my guess is one of the wires is a ground to make the handlebars common with the CDI ground, the other wire grounds out the CDI to the bars when the kill switch is pressed. The only reason I suggest to disconnect both is it takes less time than reading my message. This will verify that it's not the kill switch.

Good luck

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