Flywheel weights

OK guys, help me out. I have an '03 yz450 and use it mostly for trail riding. Just like more than a few people on this board, I have a tendency to stall it every once in awhile. Since an electric start is not an option (I've read the posts) what about flywheel weights. Only problem is I've seen everything on this board from 3oz to 12oz!!!!!!!!

Can anyone give some good advise on weight and also are there any kind of detailed instructions on how to do it.?


i run 12 oz wieght from zip ty and love it ,,i ride woods desert,and the dunes works great.. if you ride mx at all i would probabaly go with 8 oz,just my opinion

i have a 12oz from steahly. bolts to existing flywheel[you don't remove the stocker],got mine from rocky mtn for about 90$.its been great to me in the desert and some medium single track

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