any one elses bike smoke when started?

mine didn't untill after i had an air leak which caused it ti to be lean. i think it did some damage. is any smoke normal or should i rebuild.



My YZ250 2 stroke used to smoke on start up........

A bit more info would be good. What is the bike??

Mine does when i dont ring the air filter properly, 16,340 K's

don't mean to be an ass about it but im posting in the yz400 426 and 450 forum, 4 stroke site as well. i know most 2 strokes smoke depending on oil used.

btw its a 400.

what colour smoke does it blow

I think smoke at startup then running ok after a few minutes is a sign of worn valve seals.

They allow oil to seep into the cylinder overnight that burns when you start it up, but the leak is so slow that after it burns the oil out of the cylinder it stops smoking.

At least that's how it works in cars. I have absolutely no knowledge of the valves in these bikes.

smoke is blue. my bike is real rich right now though if that makes any diff. at all.

blue smoke? sounds like the valve seals...

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