decomperssion lever on a 04 wr450

Do you really need it on the bike? I see the plugs for replacement on the motor but have heard people talking about an auto decompression cam. If I remove the lever do I need a new cam? and is the lever just for starting with the electric starter? Thanks :cry:

No such thing as a decomp lever on a 450, wich part are you refering to (where abouts is it located)

the little black lever next to the clutch lever :cry:

the little black lever next to the clutch lever :cry:

On a 450 that is the hot start lever.

OK so what does it do? I'm guessing it would just lean the carb a little for a cleaner start or does it do something diffrent? Is it for after the bike motor is warm or during hot temps? Thanks I'm new to the bike and no owners manual.

When they are hot or you drop them it makes them a bit easier to start by opening an air passage through the carb. (crank it with the lever pulled in)

Thanks I guess I was right by saying it just leans it out a bit.. Thanks again for your help :cry:

No worries and welcome to TT :cry:

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