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I have been out of the motocross game for quite a few years now but last week I bought myself an 03 KTM 450 SX, this bike was apparently bought new from the dealer in January 04 and had had about 3 hours use when I bought it. All good so far.

The bike is great fun to ride and I think I got myself a good deal but the problem is it doesn't like to start.... In fact I have only managed, so far, to get it to start whilst leaning it up against a wall.

I know its a big bike and all that but I used to race a kx 500 which I could kick up fine.... and this bike doesn't seem any harder to kick.

Is there some special knack of getting them going, should I kick it as hard as I can or nice and steady..... someone said ktms are suppossed to be real easy to start........ please tell me how!!!?????????

I don't have a manual, I don't fully understand the decompression lever or the hot start (which the guy I bought it off said I shouldn't need to use?)

When the kick start is at it highest point, I only seem to be able to get about 120 degrees of compressed swing, every other bike i've ever had has been more like 170.

I have tried removing the kickstart and re-fitting on the next spline which seems to give me arout 170 degrees, but the bottom of the kick start rubs on the engine casing...... I could probably modify the kick start lever by grinding & polishing a little bit away.... but I am weary as I know this will weaken it.... and I managed to snap the kick start on my KX.... and they aint cheap..!

Any help/suggestions with this problem, and just plain old starting 4 strokes in general.... greatfully appreciated



Derby Uk


KTM 450 SX 03

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Have you checked your spark plug? Might be fouled. The KTM riders I ride with never seem to have much trouble starting their bikes. You might also post this in the KTM forum if you haven't already.

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