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Guangdong / JinHao copy of a Honda 125?

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I am in Bagram, Afghanistan and needed a bike to get around on the flightline where I work on helicopters. Having had disasterous results riding before I figured after 20 years I might try again to master the two wheel demon. I had a scooter shipped over thinking to start smaller this time. Well I mastered it without killing(embarrassing) myself, I got our local Haji(excuse me, local indigenous person) to find me a good used motorcycle. Smaller, the better. He brought a JinHao manufactured by Guangdong in China. Seems they are the largest motorcycle maker in the far east. I was amazed at the condition the bike was in considering where it has been. It is a 2003 model. In this area it is like finding a new Cadillac in Somalia. It had its share of nicks and dings. It had a laydown bar on it that was pretty broke. Apparently the previous owner chased and caught a parked truck. My avionics tech fixed the lights on it and I fixed the mechanical end which consisted of an oil change and cleaning the plug and blowing out a ton of sand out of the air cleaner, with a minor brake adjustment.I need a new tach cable and turn signal switch and a spring for the butterfly valve on the choke. The carb is identical to the Honda 125 carb. I really would like to just put a new one on rather than replace just a spring. The bike is black with gold graphics, chrome fender, headlights and wire spoke wheels. Very retro looking. It rides nice and is a great beginner bike. Now a bunch of the other guys want to get a bike here except they want dirt bikes. Which ought to be interesting as most of the dirt here has mines in it. I plan to bring it home but may change my mind later as I out grow it. Any other bikers out there here? 😢

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