WR 450 Sucked Water

Yea, Deep stream crossing in South Jersey sucked water in exhaust pipe. It was tidal and it's salt water, locked up engine. Came home washed bike, emptied silencer and head pipe. Both full of water. Pulled plug and rigged wet vac with 1/2 pvc pipe, stuck it in spark plug hole and sucked out water. Flushed cylinder a couple of times with WD40 and sucked out all the gunk. Cleaned exhaust port, a lot of sand and gunk. Can anybody out there feel my pain or am I the only one to do this? Is there a better procedure to clean everything out? Thanks!!

Sorry to hear that man, sometimes they pull water into the breather hose on the camcover! If you are going to do that kind of riding a two stroke is a much better bike.Hope you hav'nt killed it!

if you are going to do that kind of riding a two stroke is a much better bike

I dunno about that....Last weekend was really boggy and we were hitting bog holes that were up to the tank and the only bike that sucked water was the KTM 250 EXC - 2 smoker. It would not kick over and it lost compression so we took the tank off, removed the plug and tipped the bike upside down. We then kicked it over and muddy water come out of the plug hole. Thankfully we got the thing started again.....I must admit that KTM have a nice toolkit which allowed us to do this in the middle of the woods. That KTM is the quickest woods bike I have ridden.....Still love the WR :cry:

I feel your pain. I put my 450 xc-f down in a stream and filled the exhaust with water. To top it off the exhaust valves were open and it filled the cylinder full of water. All better now. yes KTM has a good tool kit it hade every thing i needed to strip the bike down in the woods.

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