99 yz400 or 01 yz426?

I have the opportunity to get one of the two bikes. The 99 has a weighted flywheel which I will need as I ride woods, extra excel rims and renthal bars for about 1800. The 01 just has renthal bars and the rest is stock. I have heard about issues with the valves on pre-01 models. Is this true? Which bike is the better buy? Oh the 01 is for sale for about 2100.

The 01 is a bit better bike, but not by much.

Buy the bike that is in the best shape and appears to have been maintained. You know straight rims, good chain sprockets, greased bearings etc.

These are both old bikes and can very easily be clapped out by now is not maintained.

both are good bikes the 426 had some improvements mainly 26 more cc of power the o1 has Ti valves and an alum. subframe that the 400 doesn't but if you want to ride in the woods I highly recommend a FW weight it makes a world of difference in the tight stuff. Both sound like good deals price wise go with the one thats been taken care or the best and seems to have the better maintenence record.

I will echo what is already been said

To add though, need to check the frame for cracks or signs of repair. Check cases for signs of repair, Make sure all VIn and Eng numbers match. Check oil make sure it dont look like Milk sure sign the coolant is leaking in to the motor, and visa versa dont see any oil droplest in the coolant.

Start the engin and before it gets wamr check to see if the coolant is flowing by pulling the cap off the rad.

Not much more to add

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