YZ426 gearing recomendations, desert/trail rider

Looking for gearing recomendations for my 426. I mostly ride on the So Cal foothills nad deserts, no MX and no need for super high-speed.

I bought it used and I think it has 14/52 gearing now, which revs out too quickly. Would 14/51 or 14/50 make a noticable distance in regards to revving out longer?

How many link chain would I need also?


14/50 is a good COMPROMISE (note the emphassis) between dez and mountain :cry:

I used to do alot of riding in So. Cal and i found for trails my best setup was 15/49...plenty fast for those LONG fireroads, but still had plenty of power to bring the front end up in every gear if the situation called for it. 14/49/50/51 just wasnt enough gear for me at all...great for faster MX tracks though.

I found 15/49 too tall for mountain riding - too much clutch use for tight stuff. I got tired of changing sprockets, especially as I go out about once per week. Hence my 14/50 compromise. Definitely not ideal, but a liveable compromise.

I go Dune, MX, Trail, with a 14-49 and love it...... I don't mind using my clutch, it's good practice.... You will need a 520 Chain and I think 118 link, or just get the 120 and snap off the excess...

Thank you for your input.... I ended up getting 14/50 and a DID x-ring last night.

I've been running 14/52 and its too much gear for my riding preference, so hopdfully this will suit me better.


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