wr450f questions

Considering getting one. I like to get one with electric start, what is the first year they started making the electric start?

How much can I get a used wr for?

Im currently riding a xr650r, which is a great bike. But Id like to keep a bike(the wr) for mainly trail riding, and the xr for dual sport and trail riding. Maybe even race a few hare scrambles on the wr.

What are some things to look out for?

03' for E start.... You can pick one up for $3,500 and up......

Scorch, where have you been in the northeast forum?

I have missed your photos and ride reports of our local MD trails.

The WR450F is a great bike. I went from a 3-time XR owner to faster,lighter and happier big blue owner. I have never had a more thrilling ride.

Stuff to know in the hunt for a used WR450 are;

Know what the free mods. are that make this bike so awsome and know if the one under consideration has had them done. If it dosen't, the performance will be much much less impressive.

There are several real issues with the 03 models

1) stock jetting. They set them up way to lean. It can cause backfires that can result in a poorly fitted woodruff key being snapped off. Yamaha had a recall to strenthen the woodruff key fit with lock-tight. I had my bike done before it left the factory. But the best fix is a richer carb. adjustment.

2) The 03 starter cannot reverse itself. If the starter cannot reverse itself in a backfire it will take out the woodruff key and/or the starter teeth and possibly more. The 04 has a new improved designed starter.

Some, have replaced parts from the 03 starter with new and improved design parts from the 04 starter. I have not done this mod.(yet). My bike is not prone to backfire with different jetting and mixture adj.


I can confirm....

The free mods make the bike a straight out death machine!


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