Exhaust is GLOWING red......

It cant be normal, but when I start my wr450 (2003)my exhaust gets so hot and the pipe turns GLOWING red....

Do you have any suggestions on what I can do?

normal, just don't let it sit still for too long...

OK... I let the bike run for few minutes because my battery was weak, so it may be because of insufficient cooling.

But my friend has a DRZ400 and when we ride my exhaust is glowing in the dark but his just gets hot and stays black...

Havent seen one of these posts in a while!! Your bike is ALOT different than your friends DRZ...but for the YZ/WR headpipe to glow cherry red in the dark is completly normal. Its not a cooling issue, everyones does it!

You maybe a bit lean if it glows when riding. Try running the bike harder, seems all Yamaha thumpers run hot when idled around. And use engine ice instead of regular coolant, most people swear by that stuff.

OK, thank you guys.

As you may have noticed, Im not very clever!!! when it comes to troubleshooting, and fixing engines...

I just start and ride....

I had the same question when I was a newb :cry:

Totally normal!!! Welcome to the club :cry:

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