Riding buddy in Utah..

Hello all...

I'm looking to find some people to ride with that live and ride in Utah. I live in Utah county and am willing to travel to ride with others.

Mainly do mountain / trail riding.



I'm live in Weber county, but occasionally ride down south. We have a ride this weekend at Beaver Mountain in Cache Valley with the UTMA group. Last year we covered over 90 miles of butt chewing single track trail riding. It is a great mountain trail ride that loops into Idaho and back. If you are interested, I have room for another bike on the trailer if you can meet me in the Ogden area. If not, we will have to meet up when I head your direction.

Hey Rod,

We are based in Utah Valley and try to ride every weekend whether we have booked tours or not. We'd love to hook up and ride with you sometime.



Were planning a ride for next weekend near Preston Idaho / Cub River. It's all trail and woods riding. Your welcome to come. You might even be able to hook up with my brother who lives in Bountiful. Drop me a note if your confirmed.


That's some damn fun riding area. Too bad I rode that area last weekend -- I promised my kids I would take them to Lagoon this weekend. My friends and I ride the Cache valley / Logan canyon area quite often. We should hook up sometime when your riding up north and swap some good trail rides.

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