oversize tank

looking 4 a oversize tank not white my ims is turning yellow

is there anyway to remove the blue paint on the side covers without toasting the plastic? what colors can you get ims tanks in? wheres the best place to purchase?

thanks also looking for tank graphics ims p.n 8002222 who sells ims stickers?

So you have an IMS tank already thats turning yellow and you are looking for another tank?

what bike do you have...are you intrested in selling your "yellow" tank...



They only turn yellow if you leave fuel in them for weeks on end. Drain or use up the gas and the tank stays white after each trip. For Hondas they come in white, red and black.

They only turn yellow if you leave fuel in them for weeks on end.

I'm not sure about that. I have a 2 year old 4.6gal IMS clear tank. I've had the same IMS sticker kit on it for the last two years. Just last weekend I took the graphics off the tank and it's polka dotted. Everywhere the sun hit, it turned yellow, including right below the dry break where gas rarely touches.

I have a 94 650l kinda motard style,I found a kool sticker kit but I have to find out who sells it,Im going to try the sticker kit first, and if that don't last then I might get a blue tank,and sell my white one. :cry:

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