What bend Pro Tapers for 6'2"?

What bend are the taller guys running? Is there plenty of slack in the cables for any height bars? I'm definitely getting Pro Tapers and universal mounts. I think I have CR HI on my 650 and could use a tad more height.

Jimmy Button


I like the Windham bend myself (6'1")

I might be wrong, but I thought the CR Hi and the Jimmy Button were the same bend? :cry:

I have KX High (less sweep and taller) on my YZ450 and both my KX and KTM have CR 2X hi's from tag cause Pro Taper does not make that bend any more.

The KX High's seemed odd at first, but after an hour they were fine. They move you forward alot over stock.

Oh, I am 6'2" as well.


You can get taller raisers as well. I have those on my KX as well so the bars are really tall. The tallest bar Pro Taper makes is the Pastrana FMX bend, I think its 122mm, my KX highs are 108, and CR 2X Hi's are 112 or 115, I forget as its been a while. I think CR hi's are 95.

Good luck,

I'm 6'2" and I went with the Doug Henry bend.

Thanks :cry:

I am 6.2 as well, I went with CR High Bends, did not like the other bends they simply did not feel right. I can now freely stand in any position and feel comfortable.

Have you also done the peg mod?

this will lower the pegs down and back. For tall riders like us it really makes the bike feel less cramped

Can you detail the peg mod or point me in the right direction?


Can you detail the peg mod or point me in the right direction?


Very Simple

1: Remove pegs

2: Swap Springs right to left, left top right dont matter just swap, you will see why as the pegs are placed back together.

3: Hack Saw Dowel off of each peg

4: Place peg back on With Down In front of Peg (Weld If you have a welder no need really)

Important, Debur all edges of the mod thoroughly and Grease

Peg as it is stock, you can see where I cut it


Modified Peg with Dowel now on the Top Side.


"Big Boys Gots Big Feet, too!" I run wide pegs and it makes a huge difference for me, I use Fastways and they come with a lowered peg option, no mods necessary. I rec. the ones with removable screws, I think its the F2, but not sure. Either way, if you're a big guy and don't have wide pegs, I'd give them a try. I also use oversized pro-taper windham bend, I am 6', 210 Lbs and had a 7/8" button bend renthal bar snap in two on me-not in a crash! Come to find out no pros use 7/8" bars, except mcgrath and he had some special made bar. Also, go with an SDG tall seat for your bike. Hope this helps. DW

Jimmy Button

:cry: :cry: :cry:

6'3" Jimmy Button! :cry:

Went with CR HI and universal mounts. I think that will be all I need. Ordered a chain and air filter also. May do the mod to the pegs as well. Thanks. :cry:

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