Can a carb slide where out? 01 carb. Cross post.

I was cleaning my Carb last night and I noticed that the slide seems to stick a bit. I noticed nothing wrong before I started cleaning. I just thought it was a good idea since my whole filter cage rattled off in a race over the weekend. The wheels next to the slide on one side do not spin against the wall. Any thoughts? Do they sell replacement slides?

Mechanically anything that moves can wear out.

The rollers can be removed, I would inspect the pins that hold them, make sure they are clean from any oxidation or ?

a little 1000 grit wet sand paper can clean any of the oxidation off.

Look closely also at the rails the rollers slide down. Another note just make sure your not putting the slide (Cover) upside down.

One other comments. the Cam that holds the slide stuffs into a slot for the TPS on the other side, if you do not get that in correctly this can cause the slide to seem like it is sticking.

It did not seem to happen until I opened all the way. Maybe I jacked it up.

I had the same issue on my 2000, it came down to simply just taking the carb apart and going over it very closly and looking at everything. I had to wet sand the pins as well as dab some white grease in the needle bearings for the Slide Cam.

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