2 trac supermoto spotted!

Saw the famed 2 trac yamaha yz450 hybrid supermoto bike today, at the national motorcycle show here in the UK. I took a photo, but my darned camera lost it! Agghhhh!

It looked real trick though, not a bulky as I thought it would be. It had a "map" switch on the bars too. Other than that, it wa pretty stock looking.

Also saw a wr450 supermoto with full carbon bodywork, i mean everything, tank, all panels, fenders etc. It had retro yello speedblock graphics on it and look sweeet!

That 2 trac supermoto is to compete in the winter supermoto series here in the UK.

FIND YOUR CAMERA! I would love to see a shot of the carbon WR! Think simch think. :cry:

No, I have the camera, but it has junked the photos I took!! aggghhh!

It may be posted on the net somewhere, I'll have a look.

Ok, here is the link to the 2wd supermoto. No joy on the carbon wr!! I will keep looking. It was on a joint Michelin and Ohlins stand there for some reason!


Check about 2 features down the page. 4 photos in all from the Wire yamaha team.

Oh, also saw the crf450x. It was like bolted down so difficult to guage the weight, but it looked quite slim and light?Weird.

One thing though, it has got a REAL TRICK rear fender incorporating a real trick LED tail light. Soo small and pretty cool. Not sure if the 250's had this last year or not.

Interesting......the International Motorcycle Show tours through Dallas this month ...... wonder what they will have.

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