Exhaust for 05 wr450F

Just purchased an 05 WR450F does any one know if the exhaust for the 04 is the same?

Yes it is :cry:

The same as far as what???

Oh yeah. That is a good point. I'm was assuming that he wanted to know whether or not the fit was the same. ie purchasing an aftermarket exhaust? :cry:

....to clarify:

fit (for aftermarket purposes) = yes

same pipe = no

04 - round stainless

05 - oval aluminum

Both - corked up!!


If you want to sell your stock 05 muffler pm me with a price. thanx,


Jim, I will sell you my stock '05 pipe. No header, just the muffler. If you are interested let me know.


Let me know how proud you are of that muffler. If it's within my budget I might take it off of your hands. Thanx


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