I want more lower end pop on my piggy.

Well my bike came with the powerbomb headers on them and I heard that improves top end. I want to get more low end pop so that I can loft the front wheel easier. Would re-gearing it be the best method? :cry: I heard some one say a pumper carb would help that also but not sure if that is true or not. I'm running 15/47 now and I don't see much need with my riding ability to go faster than 90-100 so I want to get it more set up for low end torque. Any ideas would be appreciated. :cry: Thanks! :cry:

Go 13/47, you should be happy with the "pop" then. :cry:

You should be able to use the same chain length and switch back and forth between the 13 and 15 tooth front depending on where you want to ride that weekend.

Keep an eye on the swingarm chain slider(bottom) for excessive wear from the chain angle. :cry:

So your thinking the best method to get more out of the bottom end is to re-gear. best/only method?





Yeah you can't beat a $20.00 job. Appreciate the quick response J :cry: :cry:

Pumper Carbs are really nice though!!!! Consider it "Dial A wheelie"!!! I have a Keihin 41mm FCR, WHACK it and HOLD ON!!

:cry: :cry:

Yea I went pumper carb for the reason to get back the low-end that I lost with the exhaust too...and it is so much better! everyone talks about the stock exhaust so I tried it to compare and it is almost the same with pumper carb and my exhaust as stock exhaust with my stock carb! I love it...no hesitation! I then went to 13/50 for woods riding and it has almost too much snap!

15/47 is geared up...14/48 is stock... if you are a member of the yahoo groups there is an excel gearing calculator at

Yahoo Group Files

Its called "Gearing_calc_XR650R.xls"

that gives you an idea of speeds at different gearing as well as chain lengths! then you can see what you are willing to sacrifice!

Ride a bike with a pumper carb and you'll love it!

I also just saw that you are in CA so you are probably ridding road and desert so you would know better about the gearing needed there...we don't need that speed here in TN Call Rob Barnum at Barnumspro.com he sells the Edelbrock and can answer any questions about it and its application...He doesn't come across as one that will try to sell you something you don't need. Maybe 680 kit is what you need :cry:

Hope you get it worked out


It's actually pretty easy to determine your anticipated top speed. The gear ratio is driver divided by driven. Just take the front teeth number, divided by the rear teeth number, multiply that figure by 100 (current top speed), and that will be your new top speed. (13/47)x100. Hope this helps.

Wink :cry:

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