sent my bike to nigeria, check bad, what do i do??

i thought i had it made, some guy sent me a check for ten grand, telling me to cash it and keep 6, which is 2 thousand more than i was asking, all i had to do was use the balance to ship my bike off to somewhere i never heard of, and then send the balance not used back to the guy. i thought all was good until the check bounced, now my bank is pissed off, my bike is gone, and im not sure what to do, did i do something stupid?? :cry:

You're kidding, right?

never send the goods 'till the check clears :cry: man that was an expensive lesson,did the bank give you the money before it cleared? if thats the case its their problem,go get the remainder out of the bank before they attach it!! :cry:


Are you f***ing out of your mind!!!

Theese are the nigería hustlers.. Ive seen it on tv lots of time and the police keep sending out warnings about them. They also send emails explaining that they need you to store for instance 1.000.000 $ just for a week and then transfer them to another acount and bla bla bla, before you now it YOU are 100.000$ lower..

I really feel sorry for you if this is not a joke!

If you got the money from the bank in cash DON´T give them back. If they are still on your acount, go get them fast before they withdraw them... It´s there problem now, not yours..

the bank says its my deal, i used my check to send the money, i think im screwed, bike is gone, so is the dough. maybe i should call authorities in nigeria????????

Pat yourself on the just graduated from the school of hard knocks!!!!!! Just like what has been said, if this is real, you've been had.

"If it looks too good to be true, it probably is...."


the bank says its my deal, i used my check to send the money, i think im screwed, bike is gone, so is the dough. maybe i should call authorities in nigeria????????

You better close that account and get a grip on your ID. They have a check with that they can take you to the cleaners. Notify your credit card, Social Security, get to your bank and see what they can do to assist you in id fraud now.

Bad move

Man!! People have posted again and again on that scam on this site!! You have 133 post and never ran accrost one??

One of my friends had this happen to him but with a car an audi to be exzact, He tried everything to get it back but he couldnt!! had to take the loss,learn from it and go on. :cry:

Some guy tried to get my car from ebay, said he had a client in west africa that wanted my car, I was like yea right, reported his ass to ebay, hard lesson you learned there.

they tried to pull that trick on me when I was selling my son's TTR on eBay. I told to them to .... OFF.

Call your local FBI field office. From what I can tell there isn't going to be much you can do, but they can give you some info at least. Do a google search on "nigerian check scam" or something like that and you'll get about a billion hits with hundreds of stories exactly like yours. Sorry about that man.

Hi Guy,

orry to say you just got bit by a common scam that is frequent from that part of the world. Nothing to do but report it to the authorities.

Dude, sorry say this but you got jipped big time. Were you selling your 450?

Sorry to hear that. I hope that something good come out of this.

Sounds like its time for you to go to Nigeria with a big friggen bat with nails sticking out of it...if I were you and I was single, that would be my next extreme vacation....hacked up nigerian bike theives in their homeland.

F'in A!!

But I think I would avoid hand to hand combat with those crazy bastards! I think I would go with the .50 cal from a mile away :cry:

You gotta be shiiten me, I didn't think anyone fell for that one, (at least recently). As said above there have been several posts warning of this and people asking BEFORE they make the "sale" and hit the big time. Probably with hopes of becoming an importer of these bikes to Nigeria or wherever. I really hope this a joke, if not I do feel sorry that you lost your bike this way. On second thought if you have insurance perhaps you can report it stolen, which you could rationalize it was, I guess.

If you sent them a cheque the get the hell down to your bank and let them know, cause those bastards are gunna empty your account. Secondly if there is any chance its still in transit contact the mob you sent it through and get them to return it or get a court order to have it returned. Contact your appropriate federal fraud agency and do it all yesterday.

You must be the most trust worthy person on earth. This is why these &%$#@! keep doin it cause every now and then one person falls for it.

I'm going to call BS here... I just don't believe it. :cry:


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