sent my bike to nigeria, check bad, what do i do??

I don't believe this sh.., and it wasn't even my bike. "IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS." Find the nearest solid core door, then commence beating your head against it. :cry:

i thought i had it made,

Life is just not that easy bro. Next time it's cash in hand (and check it with a counterfeit pen) BEFORE you release the title.

Man this sucks so bad. People get them all the time if they advertise a bike online!

I used to get around 3 a week when i had a 04 Rm125 advertised i reply with f**K *** to them.

Contact the police. Else you've lost the bike and the cash.

There are websites that are anti nigerian scamming maybe one of those may be able to help you?


Call your local FBI field office. From what I can tell there isn't going to be much you can do, but they can give you some info at least. Do a google search on "nigerian check scam" or something like that and you'll get about a billion hits with hundreds of stories exactly like yours. Sorry about that man.

You actually want to contact the Secret Service. In addition to providing security for the President, dignitaries and other world leaders when in the US, they are responsible for fraud, money laundering and other financial related law breaking (before Home Land Security, they were actually part of the Treasury Dept).

The Secret Service actually has a division that specializes in Nigerian Fraud, because its so rampant.

Im not buying any of this Crap but I must admit its a funny post. :cry:

Im thinking of selling my house and sending it to Africa, along with the check ??????????/ :cry:

Let's see...

"A fool and his money are soon parted"


"There's a sucker born every day"

--KT-- :cry:

There as been the same scam going on in the UK with the nigerians bike / cheque scam. I hope you get your bike back but seriously doubt that you will see again.

Buckethead.... You have had your fersnizzle nizzled!

Are there many more like you left out there on the farm....

I got this bridge.....

Bonzai :cry:

the bank says its my deal, i used my check to send the money, i think im screwed, bike is gone, so is the dough. maybe i should call authorities in nigeria????????

There is something not right in this, you are kidding us, right?

Why would you use YOUR check to send YOUR bike? Why did you not first cash out the check you got?

Calling Nigeria is waste of time, so are all other efforts to get the bike back.

Man this cannot be true. You would not post this here if it was. I would lick my wounds in quiet.


I tried to sell a boat and a bike online, both times these [@#$%&*!] tried to hustle me out of my item and cash.


Think about it, why would someone want to buy your bike from ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE EARTH? Do you think their no bikes out their? Sorry 4U brother.

The FBI!

did i do something stupid?? :cry:



Well you bent yourself over backwards on this - (If this is true)

I am trying to envision a Nigerian Riding the beast! Hope he has a helmet and some will be a very short ride if that makes you feel any better :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I call shens!!

I'm not sure if I shuold but this story or not, but if it is true all I have to asy is WOW! :cry:

Oh my that really really sucks.....

I got scammed by some Asian pricks last year. $4k. It looked legit. Even the detective who looked at it said "this was a very good scam". Difference is I was actually trying to buy an item. :cry: :cry:

As far as your case goes... Sad thing is you didn't even booby-trap the bike first? :cry:

You should have removed the rod + cams and chain, turned the piston upside down and JB welded it into place filled the clyinder with some "explosive" goodness add nails, bbs, screws etc.

That way on the first kick it takes care of buisness. Sends valves through skull. Wouldn't it be great to read in the papers "Man in Africa gets blown to pieces by exploding YZ" :cry: :cry:

Well you bent yourself over backwards on this - (If this is true)

I am trying to envision a Nigerian Riding the beast! Hope he has a helmet and some will be a very short ride if that makes you feel any better :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Why dont you go to NBC and see if they can do a documentary on these pricks first ride. Im sure theyde pay you Ten Grand and id pay to watch it.

The poor pricks going to end up dead anyway, he will come off, graze himself and die from infection. That will be kama. :cry::lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The give away that this is bull is the fact he posted the stupidity and then asked if he did something dumb? As if he didn't already know. If you or I gave a bike away to someone you didn't know for money you didn't have, that would make you too stupid to live and you should be killed immediately and all knowledge of your existence should be erased. The reason for this is you might breed and spread your stupidity to innocent children. If your going to post crap, I might as well post crap too. :cry:


oh man that is hilarious!!!!!!! :cry:

Hey I had the same thing happen to me. A guy from Africa sent me an email and he said he would send me a check for $6000 or something like that and I can keep $1000 more than I was asking for. That was when I was selling my 80. Heard a lot of people complaining about that scam so I told the guy to go F*** himself lol. Never emailed me back.

Sorry man...hope you can figure something out to get your bike back.

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