E-Line frame guards..

Just received my E-Line frames guards and got them installed. These are high quality carbon/kevlar pieces that are way light and fit perfect. Here's some pics...

CRE 001.jpgCRE 002.jpg

Anyways, just thought I'd share in case anyone was looking at getting some new guards. This set definately gets the thumbs up from me. :cry:

Click here for E-line's website

Mmmmm.......frameguards. :cry:

I see they don't cover as much of the frame as you would have liked. :cry:

Nice guards Flip, those actually have a good coverage area by comparison. A little more than my Devols but, alot more than Works. Good to see your bike is coming along. Is it still not dirty yet??? :cry:

Texas hit it right on the head. They cover quite a bit more that what the Works Connection or Devol units look like they would have. In order to cover as much as I would have liked they would've had to go all the way up the frame tube.

As far as getting it dirty, it was. I just washed it. We took it out to Stoddard Wells this past Sunday. The WR RULES! Stoddard is basically rocks, whoops, whoops with rocks, hill climbs with rocks, rocks, and oh yeah ROCKS. On the hill climbs you can't beat that first gear. You just put 'er in first and truck up the grade. Otherwise first gear is pretty much useless. Oh and the whoops. The WR is soooo much better than my '97 CR250. You just pick a line and go. With the CR you were like pinball *bling-bing-boink*. :cry: And best of all, no more :cry: compared to the 2x4 on the CR. :cry:

Congrats on the cherry-poppin, how did the pipe sound/perform? Did you end up jetting it? or stock?

I like those frame guards. Very Very nice. :cry:

Glad you posted the pics. I was considering ordering some this week. Now I'll definitely be ordering them. Thanks!

The pipe sounds great. Nice and throaty but not at all deafining. Performance is also real good. A big improvment over the stock silencer. Lots more bottom to mid. Can't say much about the top cause there wasnt really an occasion to open 'er up. I left the jetting stock for now. It's definately still way too lean though. I think the bike will hit harder and start better/faster if it was just a tad fatter. :cry:

Khari, the frame guards are really sweet. You'll be happy with them. Post up some pics if you end up getting the skid plate too. :cry:

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