adjusted my own valves

Finally decided to learn how to adjust the valves. And it wasnt that hard.

It was just tricky getting a screwdriver in there and everytime I thought I had it right, I tightened the nut only to find out that while tightening it, the screw got a bit tight, and it did not allow the proper shim to get through. I tried again, and again and finaly got it right.

I havent fired her up, im waiting on a rear tire and a sparkplug now.

It's great to learn to be your own mechanic. If you were sure about being on TDC then everything should be fine. And always clean the engine before taking off the valve covers. :cry:

I just did mine not too long ago. Somebody posted a link here that gave perfect instuctions on how to do it. I just followed them and everything went fine....even started up and ran fine when I was done.

The only problem I had was getting my feeler gauge in there. I had to get the small gauge from the shop down the street to fit in there. Once I got that it was really easy.

So get that small feeler gauge instead of the big fat automotive one I had before you start. You'll be glad you did!

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