BRP Video

Hey Guys, I took some video of my buddy Mark on his BRP 2 weeks ago. Squidward is hosting it for me.

Right Click and "Save Target As"

Flying BRP

AWESOME VIDEO!!! where was that taken? nowhere in NY like that place to ride at... actually, there is nowhere to ride legally!!!

That place looked really kool... long trails! what type of video system were you using to film that??? I'd like to get one!!! That was an awesome ride... and I wasn't even there!!! great video!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

damn trees!

I'm using the 380 line kit with a Canon ZR60 digital camcorder. Don't get this model Canon because it's a pain to start the line in recording. The other ZR models are easier. I had to cut the resolution way down, otherwise the files are huge. Nick (squidward) on this site is making a helmet cam setup and if I was looking now, I'd probably get one from him. He's also the one hosting the video.

The area is called Rampart Range and is run by the forest service here in Colorado. It is about 30 miles South East of Denver and used to be WAAAAYYYY better. Now it's over run but if you get there early, it's still a great place to ride. We started at about 8:00 am so we are riding towards the sun and it's low.

My buddy is 5'7" like me and weighs right around 150 lbs. and can really rail on that bike considering how heavy it is.

Man, that was awesome! I'm exhausted!!!!


Good thing for Bark Busters!! I gotta go rinse the dust out of my eyes. Awesome video!

Great video. :cry:

Awesome footage! :cry:

You guys fly.

Are you still sore from that get off? All that hard riding and then to catch a kicker out in the open, was it fatigue or just bad luck?

That big exposed rock area looked pretty tricky. :cry: Do you walk that stuff first before trying to ride over it?

Great video. Hope you are alright. :cry:

Awesome footage! Post again after you've tried the new camera and let us know, or show us, what you think. :cry:

I try to ride as close to him as possible to avoid the dust and roost. If I back off just a little, things become very tough to see and I get pelted with rocks. The lower fork protectors on my bikes look like someone shot them with a 20 ga shotgun there's so many little marks.

I'm still not totally sure what happened. I got on it hard, shot sideways from a small rut and couldn't recover. I was sore for about a week from hitting the tree and my ankle was a little bruised for 2 weeks. Other than that, I was fine. I wasn't really tired although the crash was later in the day.

We don't walk any of it before riding. It's come back to haunt us a few times but for the most part, it's not an issue. All the guys I ride with are pretty talented so they can usually take care of themselves. Occasionally, we need to help through really tough sections but I don't think it's anything like what TC rides.

I did tell my buddy to go down this huge hill last winter. It was on the North side of a hill and dirt had blown over the ice. He slides down to the bottom and there was no way he was getting back up. It took 3 of us almost an hour to push that thing up 100 yards. It was worth it to see the panic on his face.

Good stuff. Those trails look like awesome fun. No rocks, roots or water!!!

Yeah, load up the bikes honey; We're going to Colorado!! :cry: I have been wanting one of those units from for the past three years. I have held off b/c I wasn't sure if the footage would be stable. Now I am sold, thanks guys!!

great stuff, I downloaded it for my son.

Man.....!....I broke both collar bones and dislocated my knee just watching....Great riding even though the tree got in the way....

That is the best video of a ride I have seen. I learned that you need someone in the lead to get the perspective of what a rider is doing. Good job

I had several people tell me that it was more interesting to watch someone out in front so I stayed behind him. I had hoped to be able to get closer and do some passing back and forth but it was just too dusty.

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