This is a 2002 yz426, From 1st-4th gear it runs fine and will just get to the rev limiter when opened up, but in 5th, if I open it more than half way it starts skipping in a wierd way its not like fuel loss or anything more like the clutch slipping in and out really fast its just real jerky, could it be the clutch even though it only does it in 5th.....thanks

Sounds like a broken gear, time to split the cases. If it were the clutch slipping it would do it in every gear.

it just doesnt feel like a broken gear would i dont think, could a worn clutch not do it in 5th having more of a load?

If you want to check the clutch, start your bike, put it in 4th gear, give it about quarter throttle and let the clutch out slowly. If it dies your clutch is fine, if it don't replace your clutch.

ok thanks

Found this earlier and several people have confirmed that this fixed their bikes:

Here is your problem.

This was my 3rd gear. as you can see the the wheel has round edges and that causes it to try to push the fork away. That´s why it feels like it is slipping, that is everytime you deliver throttle and power enough for the wheel so that it can´t hold its position. Just replace the shift fork and the two wheels that are supposed to be held together when 5th gear is engaged..


Yep, like Satch said... Time to split the case and replace. This problem is likely to come due to a lot of clutchless shifting. The gears are not completely engaged when the power is putted back on, and they sort of slide together. Thats what makes the round corners.

Good luck. :cry:

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