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first time on two wheels

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well went riding witha group of friends this weekend like usual. oh and i guess i should tell you most of us ride those 4 wheel things. but we had some new two wheelers in the group. one with a yamaha 125 and one with a crf450.

the yamaha was stock but the 450 was BUILT. some of the things it had were: 490 high comp Athena kit, Rekluse clutch, a bunch a suspension, and a whole lot of other stuff. needless to say it was doing 3rd gear launches while throwing 30' roost and digging inch deep ruts in our pasture. 😢

we all started trading bikes and my buddy witht the yamaha talked me into riding his so i tried a two wheeler for the first time. i did like it. the two stroke was weird, and oh ya twist throttles SUCK!! i couldn't get used to twisting while haging on, especially in the turns. after i got some what comfortable on i ended up trying the CRF. WOW was it nice. 😢 i felt more comfortable and confident on it right away. it was awsome and now i want one. now if i can only get one with a thumb throttle! 😢

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