Help with my 01WR 426

Hey WR Jason, While you are in there doing the valves, do the cam too. I am a farily agressive rider, and it really made me happy! I was not dissapointed in the stock power, but I felt it was lacking. Now I am pretty happy with it. If you are an agressive rider, do the cam adjustment. It is a big bonus!

Eeehhhh, ok, Ill do it. I gotta call the dealer and order the YZ throttle stop, YZ needle, and some oil filters anyway.

Nearly every year of YZ has had a change in carb needle. I can't answer what difference the needle will make without the code. The '98/99 needles are close to a stock WR needle mostly(code OBD--). The '00 and '01YZ needles are more aggressive(code OBE--) and work with smaller mains (162-172). A #50 pilot jet is too big for many needle combinations. Again, depends on the needle code.

Hmm, my needle is stock US speck 99 WR 400, is this cool for the YZ time change? Sounds like it if the 98 and 99 YZ needles are the same as the 99 WR. I just dont want it to run to lean and get hot.

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James, What combo would you reccomend for mine? I have the needle at home. I will check it out and see which one it is.

The stock '01YZ426 needle is a good choice. It is OBEJP from posts on that forum. This is close to the EKP and EKN which I have referred to in the past.

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