'99 WR400 Clutch upgrade?

I've read that the '01+ WR426 clutch is much better for some reason, true?...will this fit in my 400?

Also, is there a better way to go than that? Barnett or another aftermarket brand?

Please Advise!!!

Thanks in Advance, Gentlemen!

Thanks Texas,

Any other WR gurus wanna chime in? :cry:

I asked the same question, and from what i was told the 426 clutch is different and cannot be fitted to the 400 motor.

The clutch basket and Plates are about 1/4 larger than the YZ/WR 400's. I have both and it's a pain having to carry different spares around all the time, not to mention expensive.

Bonzai :cry:

Looks like I'm going for the aftermarket then!!

Any reccomendations, I'm new to this whole Clutch thing, never done one befere

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