Well should be picking up my Road Going WR426F tomorrow Morning!!!

Gary is coming too, had to stich him up for driving the van as I lost half of my Drivers L. and they wouldnt let me take it!!

Hopefully the guy got it through the MOT today!! (4pm) so keep your fingers crossed for me.

If it failes I'll be picking your brain's on what/how to get it through.

(just turned 3 years old but it's road registered will be its 1st MOT)

Good luck :cry: Let us know how it goes!

Jesus christ, took it out last night, let me just say I'm used to a V-Twin 1000cc Sports bike, this little single nut cracker was wicked fast....

Over the bloody moon with it to be honest, he stuck the standard can on it for the Road Test MOT, how much power should I expect with the sports one slipped back on there (its a full FMF system)

Couple of HP??

I can tell I'm gonna have great fun on this thing!

Steve :cry:

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